Chelsea have yet to lift the Champions League trophy
Andre Villas Boas has become the youngest Premier League manager at just 33 after signing for Chelsea this summer.

The young manager previously helped Porto to win a string of trophies including the UEFA Europa League and guided the team to a season-long unbeaten run.

Many have dubbed him the new Mourinho, who also came from Porto to Chelsea after a successful spell.

But there are many doubts being raised with regards to age and experience and the question is, can he really revive Chelsea and finally bring Champions League success?

There are many things which should be considered here, the first topic being his links with Bobby Robson.

Robson is widely regarded as a fantastic manager, having taken Ipswich Town to European success, before guiding the England team in 1990 to their most successful World Cup since 1966.

By sheer coincidence, the two lived in the same apartment block in 1995, whilst Robson was manager at Porto.

Robson took Villas Boas under his wing and sent him to Ipswich Town for his first taste of professional football with George Burley, who was manager at the time.

Burley was incredibly impressed with the youngster who had gained advice from Robson and saw him as a rising star at the age of just 17.

It is well worth noting that comparisons between Villas Boas and Mourinho are clear, as it was Robson who gave Mourinho his first job as interpreter at Barcelona.

The term "Robson legacy" is being used more and more, although if anything, Villas Boas is more a model of Robson than Mourinho, after being guided at a much younger age.

After being helped by Robson, Mourinho then took Villas Boas under his wing.

Villas Boas was assistant at Porto whilst Mourinho was manager and followed him to both Chelsea and Inter Milan.

Now, Villas Boas is going solo and following the same path as Mourinho, hoping to top his success and win every trophy under the sun.

Can he do it? Personally, I would say yes.

I think the youngster is oozing with managerial talent and could be more of a long term replacement at Chelsea as opposed to having a short one year or two year stint.

He already has plans to rejuvenate the team, with plans to bring Falcao and Moutinho to the club and selling some of the older players.

With Ancelotti in charge, Chelsea bought the ineffective Fernando Torres for £50 million and had been more recently enduring an awful run of form.

It is hoped that Villas Boas can do what Mourinho could not, and finally win Chelsea their first Champions League title.

He may be young, but he's gathering momentum and if he can replicate achievements at Porto at the age of just 33, he and Chelsea will definitely be ones to watch next season.

                                                                              Dan Mayes

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