I can’t even begin to express how angry I am at the disgrace of a performance by Preston North End, losing yet another game to yet another team who on paper aren't as good.

Stuckmann, again, was a rock for PNE. He has been the only consistent player that has saved the team from being wiped off the pitch with goals. 

The worst part of this is Stuckmann is on loan for the month so it won’t be long until he is gone and Turner is back, I don’t hold much hope out for the same performance at all.

Bury scored within 14 minutes of the first half, David Amoo went deep inside the penalty box and slotted it in the left hand corner of the goal.

What I’d like to know is, where is the defensive strategy to stop this happening?

There have been many calls for Brown to be kicked out of his management roll, but again as I’ve stated in a previous article I don’t think Brown is the main problem here. 

I named four issues that needed to be addressed in order for the team to move forward and get out of this depressing routine which I can see only getting worse when Stuckmann leaves.

Preston North End are now 16th in the league and are still 8 points from the play offs even after their terrible run of embarrassing defeats. But fans aren’t holding out much hope for the team and its clear the pride and respect for the player’s is dwindling rapidly.

I decided to get some opinions from Preston North End fan’s to see their perspective of the game. 

Richard Winnard attended the match and said: ‘How can people not do what their allegedly supposed to be good at, they get paid for it? No commitment to the shirt stuckmann saved us from an embarrassment!’

John Porter has supported the team for 10 seasons and has not missed a home game, he said: ‘It’s the board... the general running of the club is just terrible, selling players like Tracey who didn’t want to go and earn £1.5 million for him, where has that money gone?’ 

It’s clear to see that this disgraceful failure is just going to continue unless something is done fast, but I have more belief in Santa dropping down my chimney at Christmas over that right now.

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