Mike Tindall was fined by the RFU earlier this year after his outrageous behaviour at the Rugby World Cup, as well as being dropped from the England squad.

The 33 year old Gloucester centre has now decided to take action against his £25,000 fine.

We have already seen some of the results from the controversial behaviour when Martin Johnson resigned as England coach this week and it doesn’t look like the punishment from the antics are going to stop anytime soon.

An investigation that took place over the allegations from the World Cup was conducted by its operations director Rob Andrews but Tindall is certainly not happy with being dropped from the team or the fine.

But after the Martin Johnson saga that went on earlier this week it is a bit of a shock that Tindall has decided to take such a step when other members of the England team are dealing with the consequences of their actions.

He is due to appear on Thursday to appeal against the decision in Twickenham where acting chief executive of the RFU Martyn Thomas will hear his case.

Personally it seems to all be a bit of a fuss, this appeal will more than likely cause more controversy over what happened during the Rugby World Cup which in turn will drag all the drama up that came with it at the time.

Tindall’s behaviour was atrocious there is no denying that, and for him to be protesting over his antics is there really any remorse for what he has done? Or is he more concerned about the money over playing for his country?

I suppose these questions may be addressed on Thursday but it is unlikely that anything from the appeal will be told to the media. 

I hope the decision will be to not accept his appeal and hopefully he may just learn something.

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