Nani, Young & Cleverley celebrate the winning goal against Manchester City
After a thrilling Community Shield comeback yesterday, Manchester United’s talented youngsters make for an exciting future at the club. 

There has been recent talk of Manchester United’s golden generation coming to an end but could a new one be in development at Old Trafford? 

Major changes will be enforced in 2014
It came as quite a shock when it was announced that Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, released their ‘final’ regulations for the next generation of major technical shake-ups in 2014.

The rules had not even passed through the proper ratification processes so whether or not these ‘final’ regulations are truly final or not is yet to be seen, but we can expect them to be broadly similar when they come into effect.

The years have taken their toll on the once mighty Fedor Emelianenko
For so long ‘The last Emperor’ ruled, but after a third straight loss, the great Fedor’s career looks to be crashing to a devastating end. 

For almost 10 years the Russian heavyweight ruled as world number one. Unbeaten in his journey to titles in multiple countries, and considered by some as the greatest of all-time. A legend, but do recent results mean in reality he is a mere myth?