As you can see, my blog is a little behind time. Oops. 

Scratch that. Its ALOT behind time. As the weeks progressed from last years NFL season, the work I had to do was mounting and took my whole time away from the blog.

Due to my cock up and with University coming close to an end, I have pledged to myself to contribute much more posts and also talk about much more than weekly reviews.

My blog last year featured little news and was mostly highlighting and giving my own opinion on each week of the 2011 NFL season. Well, this Easter break I will start all over again...keeping my old posts as its always good to look back on however, but adding some gloss to a previously dull blog. 

My new posts will include more news, player dramas, any controversies (alot already this off season), the 2-2012 draft this coming April, off-season activities, run in to the pre-season and of course all the hype as the 2012 NFL Season begins in September.

I will begin this chocolate-feasting period looking back on what has been a crazy March. Discussing the wrong doings in New Orleans, the crazy free agency, Manning-watch and his eventual move to Denver resulting of course in the end of Tebowtime at the Broncos to make way for Peyton and also then Tebow's move to the New York Jets, who seem to be slowly imploding on themselves.

So, there you have it. A fresh start with loads more on the NFL, coming soon. 

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